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rengin saltik received her bachelor’s degree from the middle east technical university, faculty of architecture, department of city and regional planning in turkey and her master’s degree in the same field from the ohio state university, usa.


she started her painting studies in ankara,  at kayihan keskinok atelier in 1991, then she attended to halil akdeniz masters’ atelier at  bilkent university, faculty of fine arts, department of painting as a special student.  currently, she works at her  atelier in ankara. 


inspired by literature, and the history of western and turkish art; rengin saltik works in her own expressive visual language; her canvases are large, colors are mat and austere, brush strokes are free, and figures are expressionist and abstract. frequently, she uses typography and symbolism to convey her story. she works on selected themes; starts with a reference to them, then builds her work from there. she is interested in both the content and the process of painting. by applying texture and several overlapping layers of color, she plays with materials to the extent they serve the meaning. she tries to achieve simpler but stronger expressions of her thoughts.


a large number of her works are in several private collections. until now, she had eighteen solo  and  took part in nine group exhibitions in ankara, istanbul and izmir.  the themes of her series of works are; “alphabet”, “breeze”, “colors”, “censorship”, “landscapes”,  “eternal stone / ephemeral body”, “leaves”, “map as art”, “painting the words”, ”town miniatures of the ottoman period”, “yellow tiles of the seljuks”, “the  talismans,  signs  and  the  art  of  calligraphy  of  the ottoman  period”, “white flowers”,  “new paintings from old lives”,  “turkish miniature paintings of the ottoman period”,  “drawings from the history of art”  and “abstract figures”.